Classification and Features of YANDW Bra - YANDW-66

Classification and Features of YANDW Bra

June 02, 2018 0 Comments

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According to the cup type, YANDW Bra can be divided into following 4 types.

1) 3/4 Cup Bra

It is the best style among all bra designs. The 3/4 cup wraps 3/4 of the chest area, has a strong support force and side force, and can effectively support the chest upward to present a sexy and charming cleavage. Suitable for any women with any chest to wear.

YANDW 3/4 Cup Bra

2) Full Coverage Cup Bra

The overall shape of the ball to wrap all your chest. It has a strong tolerance and lifting effect. Suitable for busty women and those women with breasts sagging. Generally speaking, full cup design always has C, D, E cups.

YANDW Full Coverage Cup Bra

3) 1/2 Cup Bra

The whole bra is hemispherical. The front and the bottom of the cup are parallel lines. It wraps 1/2 area of ​​the chest and can support the chest upwards, but it does not show a cleavage. Not suitable for busty women. The detachable straps design is easy to match all kinds of strapless evening dress. Suitable for women with smaller chest.

YANDW 1/2 Cup Bra

4) Three-dimensional Cup Bra

In general, it is a two or three-dimensional cutting, belonging to a relatively thin quilted cup. Comfy to wear with no pressure, showing a natural round chest shape. Suitable for those women with plump chest or with good chest shape.

YANDW Three-dimensional Cup Bra

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