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Corset buying guide, how to choose a corset?

July 05, 2018 0 Comments

Do you like corsets, do you know how to choose a corset style that suits your body? I am going to introduce how to buy a corset that suits your body.

An early study by the famous sports magazine Physician & Sportsmedicine pointed out that 56% of women experienced chest pain during exercise. Generally, wearing a bra with underwire causes the chest pain more intensely than the knee pain. This shows the importance of buying a tight-fitting corset for sports.

Choose a corset with different support depending on the type of exercise:
Before buying a corset, make sure that you know the type of exercise you need because different sports have different functional requirements for the corsets. For example, wear a low-strength bra when walking, yoya and other sports can protect the female breasts during exercise. For more intense sports like spinning and boxing, you need to choose a moderately supported corset to better support and protect the chest. In addition to these middle and low level sports, high-intensity intermittent exercise such as high-intensity intermittent running training requires a corset with a wide shoulder strap and a large corset

Choose different sizes of corsets according to size:
Because each person's body size is different, the size of the chest is also different. Therefore, when buying a corset, you need to know clearly which size you are suitable for. In general, the size of the bodice is divided into XS-2XL. When you choose, try to wear it on as much as possible to purchase a corset that fits your chest shape.