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Find a sports bra that fits you best!

June 30, 2018 0 Comments

Nowadays, there are more and more people showing abdominal muscles. Both boys and girls will be attracted to join the ranks of fitness. However, although there is no difference in sports, in fact, girls learn more about sports than boys. That is the classification and selection of sports bras.

In order to better protect your physical health while exercising, this knowledge is essential for every fitness woman. Today, sports bras styles would be introduced briefly below.

1. Compression Sports Bras

Compression sports bras are used to limit the movement of your chest. There is no separate cups but a strong bondage, so it is more suitable for low-impact training.

Compression Sports Bras


2. Cup-typed Sports Bras

This style of sports bras have a separate cup wrapped to support the chest and prevent your chest being squeezed. But the function is general that they also suitable for low-impact training.

Cup-typed Sports Bras


3. Vest-like Sports Bras

This kind of sports bras is close to the daily bra, can be fine-tuned and have many beautiful designs. The following YANDW sports bra with no pads and lace up design, is one of the most popular sports bras recently.

Vest-like Sports Bras


4. Compression and Cup-typed Sports Bras

Combining the advantages of the compression type and the cup type, they have good support and comfort. Suitable for high-impact training.

Compression and Cup-typed Sports Bras


5. Crisscross Sports Bras

Most of the crisscross sports bras have adjustable shoulder straps, which can be adjusted very well and can also be well hidden under the sports vest.

Crisscross Sports Bras


6. Contest Sports Bras

This kind of sports bras has good functionality, but it is not adjustable, so you have to pay close attention to and find the fit one for yourself.

Contest Sports Bras


After have a brief understanding of sports bra, do you still still worry about what to buy and where to buy? If so, choose the YANDW lace up sports bra, no matter what you wear, single wear or match it with any wear, you would be sure to turn heads all summer long. YANDW is your best place to buy sports bras online.