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How much do you know about women panties?

June 25, 2018 0 Comments

Panties are an essential part of our daily lives. We wear them every day, but do you know what types of panties are available and what is the difference between boyshorts and hipster? Which kind of underwear is more comfortable? Here, YANDW will answer all these embarrassing questions.

How many types of panties?

1. Thongs

Thongs are sexy panties. This popular panty cut provides minimal rear coverage, with only a small portion of the fabric between the hips. This is usually a low-waist style and it is a good choice when you want to ensure that there is no embarrassing underwear line. It is also a great choice for all your nights and special occasions!


2. Hipster Panties

Hipster panties are moderately low rise under clothing and look like a cross between boyshorts and bikini panties. It fits tightly over your hips and does not cover your waist. They sit right on the hip and that's where the name comes from. When you want to rock your high rise trousers or skirts, tummy tucking hipster panties are an ideal choice.

3. Bikini Panties

Bikini panties are stylish everyday panties that sit below the hips. In terms of hip coverage, this kind of ladies panties offer not only the size of the thongs, but they are not as large as the hipsters's. They are also ideal for wearing under low-waist skirts and jeans.


4. Boyshorts

As the name implies, their are like men's shorts. Mid-waist design differs from hipsters or bikini panties in that they have comfortable full side and rear coverage. The wide side lays flat on the skin, doesn't roll or dig in and ensures that you don't see your panties line. If you are looking for super comfy panty under a mini skirt or dress, this will be your best choice!


Which kind of panty is more comfortable?

Regardless of which of the above types of panties, sheer see through panties are undoubtedly the most comfortable. This kind of panty is soft, breathable with high quality Mesh lace materials. No matter what your shape is, that will fit you more and make you feel comfortable all day.

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