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How special YANDW blue lace push up bra is!

June 05, 2018 0 Comments

Do you know how special YANDW blue lace push up bra is? Are you curious about what it looks like? Wanna get to know it at a close distance? Here, we would introduce our blue lace push up bra, also known as blue T-back bra on YANDW.

What is a T-back bra?

With the development of bras, many bras are now coming with convertible straps. They can be worn in the traditional way, or can be converted into strapless ones, halter style or even crisscross style. With this convenient way of wearing, bra straps can be hidden under a variety of shirts. Any ordinary bra can be converted into T back bra by fixed or sewn the two shoulder straps together behind the back, or it can be easily converted to a T-back bra using more temporary measures such as clips or elastic bands to pinch the straps together.

lace push up bra

In fact, some bras are T-back bras. T-back bra, also known as racerback bra, it is designed for binding bra straps together to form a T back cut. This bra style is suitable for women with narrow shoulders or sloping shoulders.

Why isYANDW blue lace push up bra special and important?

YANDW blue lace push up bra, also called blue T-back bra. Special and modern design with t-back make you more attractive, charming, fashion and chic. Many women appreciate this sporty T-back design.

We know it's really hard to find a bra that can be perfectly hidden under our vest. But every girl needs a T-back bra that can be worn while wearing a vest. Whether we are dressing up or just running, vests or T-shirts always play an important role in our wardrobe. Countless fashion masters even said that it is important to place a fitted cotton vest or T-shirt in your closet, which is almost as important as a black dress! Since we understand the importance of a fitted vest or t-shirt, we highly recommend a T-back bra that is suitable for wearing when you wear a vest or a t-shirt. It looks seamless and comfortable!

YANDW blue lace push up bra