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How to understand and wear a balconette bra as outerwear!

June 08, 2018 0 Comments

Maybe some people will feel confused when they first hear balconette bra. They don't know what balconette bra is. Here, we will explain to you about what is the balconette bra and how to wear it as outerwear!

How to understand a balconette bra?

Balconette bra, as its name suggests, uses a "balcony-like" neckline design that lifts your breasts from below and pushes them up as far as possible, giving your chest a solid rounded look.

When referring to the cup, the cup height of a balconette bra is a shorter than other styles of bras, and the shoulder straps are usually placed very close to your armpits, with open and low-cut neckline. Therefore, putting it on will make your waist look more slender and, overall, better shape your body. For petite women, a balconette bra is simply a boon because they look full and can lift smaller breasts for the most part!

YANDW balconette bra

How to wear a balconette bra?

The balconette bra is designed to make full use of your chest, and when you wear a low-cut dress, you can show your shoulders and upper breasts perfectly. So, when you want to fully show your cleavage, a balconette bra should be your choice.

Such a balconette bra, whether you single wear or wear it with a variety of low-cut dresses, always looks good. There are several outfit guides for you below:

For A Seaside Holiday

Put on a bohemian shawl or protective clothing will make you charming enough.

YANDW balconette bra

For Out Going or Shopping

Heading to go shopping or go for a night? With a loose suit jacket and a pair of tight jeans, you're ready to rock!

YANDW balconette bra

For A Party Or A Date

Dating your boyfriend or join a party with your friends, you cannot wear a low-cut wear or dress without a balconette push up bra.

YANDW balconette push up bra

YANDW balconette push up bra

Balconette bra on YANDW is with multiway straps. You can convert it into regular, strapless, crisscross, halter or single shoulder cross style etc. according to your own style of wearing. If you like, hurry to cop. We promise that if you buy balconette bra, you will love YANDW bras.