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To wear or not to wear bras when sleeping?

June 19, 2018 0 Comments

“Should I wear a bra when I sleep?” For many of us, taking off our bras when we get home or before bed, is one of our favorite moments of the day. But is it really the right thing to do?

Here's why most women opt out of a bra through the night.

1. The underwire may make you uncomfortable and disrupt your sleep.

2. As for those padded and push up bras designed for supporting and pushing up your breasts, there is no point playing a role at night because gravity is pulling your breast towards the sides however you sleep.

3. Wearing a tight bra at night would restrict blood circulation and affect your breast growth.

YANDW padded and push up bras

However, many women are not accustomed to sleeping without wearing a bra because their breasts get squashed uncomfortably when they turn over at night, resulting in uncomfortable sleep. So, if you are looking for some comfortable and lightweight support, we have just the thing you need--mesh see through bra.

YANDW mesh see through bra

These effectively counter the problem areas we outlined above:

1. The breathable and comfortable design wouldn't disrupt your sleep.

2. The soft and lightweight fabric makes you feel like you're not wearing anything.

3. The triangle style provides slippage-control and prevents sideways drag.

We would highly recommend you to cop for these! Consider these at-home see through bralettes from YANDW, they are your wonderful choice that make you comfy all day!