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Various styles of women's bras I prefer see through bralette

June 15, 2018 0 Comments

Hello guys, today YANDW is back to share various styles of bras for you. Hope you guys like it.

Nowadays, there are breast covers, any cup bras, any clothing for any occasions can be worn. There are also many types of bras designed for different purposes - lingerie and wrapped chest.

Breast covers

Such breast covers are a kind of strapless bra, which is directly attached to the breast. It is almost invisible in the clothes without straps. There are two types of adhesive bras, one is made of disposable paper and the other is made of recyclable silicone.Breast covers

Wrapped chest

This bra looks like strapless wide cloth and has little support for the breast.wrapper chest

Half cup bra

Half cup bra has only one small difference from the perfect coverage bra. It means that the cup just covers the nipples. The part of the chest line is not linear, and the curve is particularly good as well as the effect is very good.Half cup bra


No cup bras means that this kind of bra is bralettes, and it only plays a role in supporting the breast. This makes the those women with smaller breasts look more plumpy. Women often wear them on special occasions. You know what I mean, Bralettes

Push up bra

This type of bra can push the breasts together and it looks like the breasts are plumpy and full of cleavage. Many of these bra linings are foamy and gel-filled.

black push up bra

Sheer see through bras

Wear sheer see through bras is more attractive to attract the attention of the lover. It is love's reconciliation agent. When a lady have a sheer see through bra, she can better grasps her lover's heart. I personally like this one, how about you?
yandw see through bra