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Would people in red push up bra set be sexier?

June 06, 2018 0 Comments

When lingerie meets sexiness, what color do you think of first? Maybe you would think of red. Yes, red is a very strong color that immediately attracts everyone's attention. Red means different things in different cultures. In Chinese culture, it represents good luck and prosperity, that is why Chinese people often paint their own doors with red. In American culture, red always means sex. If you think about it, you will find that most of the images that represent enthusiasm are red, such as red roses, red lipstick, red push up bra set, Valentine's red heart-shaped candy box, and even the "red light area."

Would women in red be attractive?

If red is usually related to sex, then wearing a red push up bra set will make women sexier? If you look at our movie, the answer seems to be an unambiguous answer. Remember the scene in the first Matrix movie? Neo was attracted by the beauty wearing in red and he was distracted. Or and the scene in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts who wears in red is given a diamond necklace. So men will find women wearing red are more eye-catching, but perhaps this is because we have a stereotype about choosing women who wear red.

Recently, YANDW has a very hot red push up bra set. It's popular with women for that they buy it for wedding or for their animal year. The animal year means that people who were born in the year of the same animal have to wear red clothing keep bad luck away. The emphasis of red color in Chinese culture originated from the han-chinese culture's veneration towards red color. Of particular feature is that red is viewed as a color that wards off evil.

YANDW red push up bra set

This red push up bra set is designed with breathable and comfortable fabric as well as lace back band, which fits everyday dress.

YANDW red push up bra set

YANDW red push up bra set