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How many push up bra styles on YANDW?

May 29, 2018 0 Comments

Push up bra style has now become one of the most sought after styles among all types and styles of bras. These bras help to stimulate loosed breast, lift up the shape, firm and beautify women's breasts. Not only helps show deep plunging and cleavage, but also improves the fuzzing and pilling performance. Push up bras are designed for all fashion and low-cut dresses.

YANDW Push Up Bra

How many YANDW push up bra styles?

Push up bra style can be divided into padded bras, perfect coverage bras and half cup bras.

1. Padded bras is to fill women's breasts and make the breasts look fuller.

YANDW Padded Bras

2. Perfect coverage bras completely cover the breast. You can choose with or without underwire according to your preferences.

YANDW Perfect Coverage Bras

3. Half cup bras, such as demi bras, they usually cover half of the breast and give maximum support with maximum exposure. This type of bra is best for dresses that show cleavage or reveal the neckline.

YANDW Demi Bras